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Saturday, April 28, 2012

BPMS 4/28/2012 40th Anniversary Dinner

Here are some photos to share with our members, former members and friends who were unable to attend our 40th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society at The 56th Fighter Group. This was actually more of a lunch then a dinner.

Don I. on the far right, current BPMS President, gives a small speech.

My first helping and I'm already piling it on!

Bobby P. proudly displaying the original club sign. I bet that sign is older then I am!

F. Tripoli our senior club member and host for the event gave a slide show of member's in our club from the early days.

Group photo op!

A nice scenic view of three WWII aircraft from The 56th Fighter Group dinning room.

Our members and their spouse outside for some photos with the aircraft on this beautiful day.

There was one slide that was hard to see on the projector. But we already know the story behind it and wanted to take a better look. So here I took a photo of the slide in the light.
Let's see what's in the slide when I super zoom into this photo.

Here with the magic of digital camera and computer photo enhancement, now a better view of what's going on. Seems like a couple BPMS members did a lot of shopping at one convention and they are trying to figure how to stuff it all in one car while still having to leave enough room for the passengers! Can you identify the members? LOL